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We Create and Care with Love!

Hound Media

Hound Media is an Australian (Brisbane) web design and development company for small and medium business, community nonprofit and creatives of all kind. Connect with us and discover how together we can tackle more advantageous position on and off line.

At Hound Media We Create with Love!

Custom Website Development Services

Looking for a website development company that can create a custom solution tailored specifically for you? With Hound Media you will get a functional website that performs well and looks great. We listen, advise and develop, source and create for a wide range of customer needs, from basic consultation to a complete online build.

Hound Media

At Hound Media We Care with Love!

Online Content Maintenance, Hosting & Support Services

Hound Media offers complete website maintenance services to ensure your site stays up to date and error free. For example we help with hosting, domain management, security, SEO, F2F website training and adding new features as needed, helping you to stay relevant online. From complex updates to fixing broken links and images optimisation, Hound Media are here to help.

Hound Media

Hound Media as your very own IT department

Custom Design Packages and Pricing

Welcome to your Hound Media custom experience: It all starts here! Please book an absolutely FREE thirty (30) minutes face-to-face appointment to talk about how we can help you. Just one moment; please note that we use Google Meet to communicate with our guests and customers. If you have different communication preferences please email us with specifics and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Basic Service Pricing - Per Hour

$119 AUD

At Hound Media you can book a one (1) hour support service to give you a number of solutions and even resolve problems you may have with your website on the spot. There is no subscription needed and a no quibble refund is given if we cannot resolve your issue.Also, this service can be used for a one-off consultation and professional advice related to all things world wide web and your online presence in particular.

Custom Website Design Pricing

$1,899 AUD

Custom website design is what we all love to have. At Hound Media we have years of experience creating custom designs and building sites for clients who want something more than out of the box defaults. From page layouts to theme customisation, we can make your design ideas into a custom website on budget and in good time.

Premium Partnership Pricing - Per Month

$179 AUD

All inclusive 1 (one) year [paid monthly] subscription package includes:

  • Custom website design (valued at $1,899 AUD); web hosting; SSL certificate; custom E-Mail; website maintenance, backup and updates.

  • Custom photography by Hound Photography (Brisbane only) and/or stock images; image editing and optimisation; custom graphic and logo design.

  • Copy writing; updating and editing content and on page SEO.

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If you have any more ideas, questions, suggestions, please include the necessary details in your message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!