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Hound Media - We Create Websites

At Hound Media We Create Develop, Design & Host Websites.

Looking at Tim Berners-Lee’s First Website today, it is obvious that a web presence is no longer optional. Understandably, time restraints and technical complexity may result in one seeking assistance through a partnership with Hound Media. We can help with hosting, management systems and a design that will provide an effective foundation for your websites.

Briefly, there are two primary parts in our creative process: web development and web design. Firstly, web development usually refers to the mechanical aspect of a website’s construction. Basically, it can range from developing a simple single page website to complex web-based applications. Secondly, The web design refers to the visual aspect, which includes the layout, colouring and typography of a web page.

Lastly, think of Hound Media as your very own IT department, with website development, design, hosting and maintenance services. We offer a unique combination of experience in technology and communications – as well as experience in business and community nonprofit sectors.

Above all, a partnership with Hound Media is cost-effective. Furthermore, it can even be absolutely free in some situations. We are open to discussing a partnership which is mutually beneficial. In addition, we are willing to provide assistance in certain charitable situations. Please speak to us to determine what sort of arrangement might suit you.